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UX Designer - App

Amsterdam, Netherlands

People’s love affair with their smartphone cameras continues to grow with close to 3bn pictures captured every year. Each of these pictures is an opportunity to connect with others, to share an experience, to make art. Sharing a physical product like a photobook, a card or a wall canvas turns mass sharing into personal sharing, driving strong connections between people. Our mission at Albelli is to brighten up people’s lives by making it incredibly easy to turn your best moments into beautiful photo products to share. Do you want to contribute by optimizing the User Experience of our App? Then join as a UX Designer - App at albelli!


As the UX designer for the App, you will be at the center of this mission. Based on a deep understanding of the customer informed by constant research, you will define the future App experience. You will understand how to guide the customer to the best experience for their needs, to blend AI into the background so it assists rather than taking over and to subtly provide design help so the customer can effortlessly create a beautiful book. You will balance features with ease, all while offering a playful but efficient experience.

As UX designer you will be a part of the entire process, gathering insights from (potential) customers and requirements from the business, translating this into UX and design, working with the developers to secure the design and functionality, and ensuring the end result is of high quality.

You will be

  • Designing the future app experience and translating this into next steps today.
  • Testing and validating with (potential) customers.
  • Promoting UX and thinking along with stakeholders.
  • Providing input on Conversion Rate Optimization initiatives.
  • Using all available data sources to contribute to your design ideas.
  • Focusing on iOS and Android and optimising the experience for both.
  • Part of the scrum ceremonies of your team.
  • Helping, inspiring and challenging your teammates on a daily basis.

Your team

You will become a member of the App team and your focus will be on mobile. Next to this, you will be a member the UX Chapter and cooperate with 2 UX designers and a UX Researcher under a Chapter Lead. The UX Chapter has weekly meetings in which you can brainstorm, validate ideas, showcase your work and improve together as a team.


  • You understand our customers and why they love their photos.
  • You have enough experience to take the lead on design.
  • You are well educated with an (interaction) design related study.
  • You have a positive mindset about the future.
  • Set our mobile design language to the next standard.
  • Simplify apparent complexity and like to bring fun in functionality.
  • Collaborate with developers to bring your design to life.
  • Bring e-commerce practices into the solutions you are aiming for.
  • Work in an agile environment.
  • Speak and write English proficiently.

We offer

  • A fast-growing e-commerce environment
  • An international office hosting over 40 nationalities
  • Competitive compensation, relocation support and lots of benefits
  • A social atmosphere (lunch, Friday drinks, parties, sports, etc.). To be resumed Post COVID-19!
  • An informal, fun and driven culture
  • A central location in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Amsterdam!

COVID-19 update

For the safety of our employees and following the measures implemented due to COVID-19, we currently work differently. Our Amsterdam and Nijmegen offices are closed while our production facility in the Hague is operating with proper safety and health measures. Our Recruiting process is currently entirely remote via phone and video calls. Our new hires will have a remote onboarding since the well-being of our employees is our number one priority. For the time being, most of you will be working from home until further notice. This situation can change at any time.

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We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and to be of optimal service to you. You consent to our cookies if you accept this message and use this website. You can find more info in our Privacy Statement.