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Meet the team

Get to know the team behind albelli (and the people you may be working with very soon).


Production Engineer

You’ll often find Remco on the ‘shop floor’ of our factory in The Hague, testing new equipment and implementing process changes. So he’s the man to go to if you’ve got any questions about production. If he’s not there, he’ll be behind his desk, doing all sorts of analysis and contacting suppliers. When he’s not ensuring the smooth running of our photo product production, he loves travelling, especially to South East Asia. He enjoys the open and friendly atmosphere at albelli and claims his colleagues know everything about him. (At least the things they should know!)


Customer Care Expert

You have to have a certain level of patience to work in customer care and Lixaida has it in spades. She deals with all the returns that we receive, trains up new members of staff and contacts people when there are problems with orders. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the link between customers and production. Sounds hectic right? But that’s why she loves it. No two days are the same for Lixaida. Hailing from Aruba, she now lives in the Netherlands and has been working at albelli for seven years. When she’s not taking care of all our customers, she loves taking photographs. The perfect fit for albelli.



Everyone wants to work in Julia’s team – the Indonesian-born Operator has a huge passion for her native cuisine and cooks up delicious dishes for her co-workers when she gets the chance. Julia moved to the Netherlands over 20 years ago and has spent 12 of those years at albelli. In that time she’s worked across a couple of different departments and loves working together with her colleagues to make sure the production of our products runs smoothly. Whenever she can she travels back to her home country. And can you blame her?


Software engineer

A combination of a software engineer and creative thinker (Emanuele is a keen artist in his spare time), he is the embodiment of two minds in one. He works with the front end team to build what our customers see and relishes playing with new technologies and having the freedom to test new things. He loves the growth culture at albelli and enjoys watching his colleagues develop at every level with such rapidity. Five years since his move from Italy to Amsterdam, he still loves living abroad and sites the diversity in the Netherlands as one of its top draws. A practicing Buddhist for over 12 years, Emanuele not only thinks differently but lives it too.


Manager brand and creative

With a lot of (in her words) ‘creative eccentrics’ in her team and a young son at home, Kate is used to having to be the boss. As the manager of the brand and creative department, she keeps an eye on design, content and campaigns, making sure everyone and everything is under control. She’s originally from Australia and describes herself as a ‘bush girl’ at heart but after over seven years in Amsterdam she could trick you into thinking she’s a native. Her fluent Dutch is a point of envy for lots of other international people in the company. Oh and she can milk a cow.

Ting Ting

Online marketer

After completing an internship with the Swedish team in 2016 (she’s originally from the Nordic country), Ting quickly climbed her way up to the online marketing team to work in paid search, which involves a lot of gathering data and even more action. It’s no surprise then that Ting’s favourite thing about albelli is the opportunity for growth. She loves the freedom and responsibility that she’s afforded here and the speed at which she was able to develop her career. An adventurer at heart, she loves to travel and before moving to the Netherlands Ting also spent time in the UK and South Korea.


Content marketing specialist

Elizabeth likes travelling anywhere new, so it’s little wonder this intrepid American travelled half way around the world and made Amsterdam her home. She’s our resident content guru and everyone’s first port of call when they want a story created around a product or need to push something on one of our channels. She’s been at albelli for over four years and loves her role because it’s always developing and she never runs out of challenges to keep her busy. When she’s not leading the albelli content strategy, you’ll find Elizabeth cycling around the city and picnicking in the park.


Central planning manager

There’s beauty in collaboration and our central planning manager Rolande revels in working across every team and keeping an eye on campaigns across all our channels. This she does with energy and enthusiasm even in stressful times – perhaps in part due to the ‘great quality of life’ that you find in Amsterdam. Since moving to the Netherlands from France six years ago, Rolande has learnt the language and taken up cycling with enthusiasm. In fact, all the bikes are her favourite thing about living here!


Financial planning analyst

Guillaume analyses everything. From his personal finances to his football performances, he’s naturally methodical when it comes to everything in his life. After attending business school he realised finance was the path for him and keeps himself busy at albelli analysing the spending trends of our customers. He moved to the Netherlands three years ago from Paris and although he fiercely defends his hometown, he’ll privately admit he much prefers Amsterdam. He draws parallels between albelli and Amsterdam – neither are too big or too small and both have a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Told you he analyses everything.


Product owner

Hailing from Holland, this Dutch native has worked his way up the company over the last six years from intern to product owner. When he’s not prioritising workloads and liaising with stakeholders, RJ can be found working on his own soccer website, eating chicken sandwiches or travelling around South East Asia. He loves the enthusiasm of his colleagues at albelli and is just as passionate about the brand as he is about the team.


IT Manager Ecommerce

Between reading up to eight books a week (yes, eight!), and bringing up her young children, it’s surprising that Wendy has time to manage the ecommerce IT team. But albelli’s very own wonder woman takes it all in her stride. She started out as a developer and after becoming a lead, she found her way to albelli where she let go of the operational side of things to focus more on career management and empowering people. She loves the diverse group of people that work at albelli and as a keen photographer herself, she’s also pretty happy with the employee discount.


Solutions Architect

Don’t make the mistake of challenging Ivan to any type of daredevil activity – this extreme sports enthusiast is a skydiving expert with a love of all things adventurous. Originally from Ukraine, he has made the Netherlands his home, working at albelli for over three years as a technical lead, making decisions, giving second opinions and generally putting out fires. He loves the start-up mentality at albelli and appreciates the bottom-up style of management. He also loves the work/life balance. All the more time for windsurfing.

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